Where to go and what to see when you're in the Cape

Oct 11


On a cold, misty, winter’s morning there is nothing better than to wrap your hands around a hot mug of coffee.But this is no ordinary coffee. It’s called ‘moer koffee’ and is an old Afrikaner method of making it that involves brewing the coffee for such a long time that it becomes black, thick and so strong it will strip the plaque off your teeth and set your nerves jangling!Traditionally it is taken with condensed milk and lots of sugar and is exactly what a hard-working farmer needs to get him up at the crack of dawn to attend to his cows!

Although it is early, we’re not on a farm but at our local farmer’s market which is about the closest we’ll get to cows these days!The produce is farm-fresh, however, and to prove it, still has the soil on it!One can buy tomatoes, carrots, lettuces, cabbages and fruit of all descriptions.Food stalls entice one with pies, homemade ice cream, biltong and baked bread right out of the oven.More than 20 varieties of honey are on display to be tasted and bought; sausages, sandwiches and slices of cake are there to be savoured and colourful bunches of proteas beg to be bought.

A tempting breakfast of veal sausage with sautéed onion tucked between a warm, freshly baked roll can be enjoyed on the rustic benches fashioned from cut-down tree stumps and, if the moer koffee scares you, you can always try the home-made ginger beer or the enormous variety of fruit juices on sale.

If the food doesn’t grab you there are crafts of all descriptions to be enjoyed. Bangles, beaded necklaces, pottery, small pieces of furniture, paintings and items for your beloved pets are all for sale.It’s more than worth a Saturday morning browse.

The Porter Estate farmer’s market takes place every Saturday morning - weather permitting.




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